Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What route will New Canada Road follow?

    New Canada Road will begin at Beverle Rivera and end at Highway 70. The alignment of New Canada Road will be determined by the Canada Road Advisory Team. The right of way has been secured through Plantation Hills and Woodbridge subdivisions.

  2. What is the estimated timeline for the project?

    The project is anticipated to start construction in the summer of 2018 depending on funding from the Federal Highway Administration and the Memphis Shelby County Metropolitan Planning Organization.

  3. Will New Canada Road be 2-lane or 4-lane?

    New Canada Road will be a 4 lane divided road with a 10 foot wide bike and pedestrian trails running parallel to the roadway.

  4. How much does the project cost and how was it funded?

    The total project cost is approximately $12.00 million. The Tennessee Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration are contributing 80% of the total project cost and the City of Lakeland is contributing 20%.

  5. Will there be any commercial zoning along New Canada Road?

    The south end of New Canada Road is zoned commercial. The north end of New Canada Road is zoned commercial near the intersection of Canada Road and Highway 70. The remaining length of New Canada Road is zoned agricultural and R-2 residential.

  6. How will the increased noise level be addressed?

    Landscaping will be incorporated into the design of the new roadway, helping to alleviate noise levels.