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Intersection Rendering

Plantation Hills Intersection Concept (jpeg, 1.4M)

Public Meeting Notice

Public Meeting (PDF, 45k)

Preferred Layout

Preferred Layout with Aerial Photography (PDF, 3.2M)

R.O.W. Design Documents

Property Maps (PDF, 2.4M)

Preliminary Design Documents

Property Maps (PDF, 1.2M)

Background Information

Canada Road Project Corridor (PDF, 230k)
Canada Rd Level of Service Presentation (PDF, 2.0M)
Natural Resources Survey (PDF, 44k)

CSS Meeting Information

Partnering Meeting Minutes - December 11, 2008 (PDF, 213k)
Advisory Team Meeting Minutes - January 22, 2009 (PDF, 186k)
First Public Workshop Brochure - February 19, 2009 (PDF, 217k)
Questions from Public Meeting - February 19, 2009 (PDF, 42k)
Canada Road Advisory Team Meeting Presentation - April 7, 2009 (PDF, 4.8M)
Advisory Team Meeting Minutes - April 7, 2009 (PDF, 873k)
Advisory Team Meeting Minutes - May 19, 2009 (PDF, 598k)
Advisory Team Meeting Minutes - June 30, 2009 (PDF, 155k)
Second Public Workshop Brochure July 28, 2009 (PDF, 647k)
Public Workshop Questionnaire July 28, 2009 (PDF, 113)
July 28, 2009 Questionnaire Responses 1 (PDF, 139k)
July 28, 2009 Questionnaire Responses 2 (PDF, 146k)
July 28, 2009 Questionnaire Responses 3 (PDF, 152k)
July 28, 2009 Questionnaire Results Summary (PDF, 23k)
Advisory Team Meeting Minutes - September 8, 2009 (PDF, 173k)
Third Public Workshop Presentation - September 29, 2009 (PDF, 5M)

CSS Developed Alternatives

Advisory Team Recommendations - September 8, 2009 (PDF, 873k)
Right-of-Way Impacts (PDF, 86k)
Alternative A (PDF, 7.8M)
Alternative C (PDF 8M)
Alternative A-Modified (PDF, size)
Perspective Views 1 (jpeg, 1.9M)
Perspective Views 2 (jpeg, 2.3M)
Perspective Views 3 (jpeg, 8.1M)
Perspective Views 4 (jpeg, 13.1M)
Typical Sections (jpeg, 799k)

NEPA Information

NEPA Process - May 19, 2009 (PDF, 837k)
NEPA Public Meeting Flyer (PDF, 112k)
Public Meeting Comment Sheet September 29, 2009 (PDF, 68k)
NEPA Public Informational Meeting Handout - September 29, 2009 (PDF, 217k)
Notice to FHWA (PDF, size)
Public Involvement Plan (PDF, size)
Initial Coordination (PDF, size)
Concurrence Point 1, Purpose and Need (PDF, size)
Concurrence Point 2, Alternatives Analysis (PDF, 6M)
Categorical Exclusion for New Canada Road.pdf (PDF, 4M)
Public Meeting Notice.pdf (PDF, 99k)
April 7, 2011 Meeting Info.pdf (PDF, 8M)

Technical Studies

Air Noise Study (PDF, 18.1M)
Archaeological Assessment (PDF, 4.3M)
Archaeology SHPO Letter (PDF, 286k)
Architectural Report (PDF, 5.9M)
Architectural SHPO Letter (PDF, 139k)
UFWS Authorization (PDF, 192k)
Wetlands Waters Ecology Report (PDF, 1M)